Check Out Interview with Retro Designer Responsible for the Calendar Pin-Ups of UR

Last Saturday, December 5, the Universe retro, in partnership with Be a Bombshell and Sundae Inc, has launched your Pin-Ups 2016 Calendar, in which part of the income will be allocated to the home of the mother me. The publication, which can be purchased online or at the points of sale registered (Learn how by clicking here), had your layout designed by designer Ariadne Rao, also responsible for the visual identity of the site, in addition to a blogger from the Back to the Retro.

Check Out Interview with Retro Designer Responsible for the Calendar Pin-Ups of UR
With limited edition, the design features unique photographic content, with photos clicked by Marcello Garcia. As the images of 12 models, which represent the months of the year, are quite distinct from each other and bring an explosion of colors, Ariadne explains that he had to opt for a more clean layout so that the final work wouldn’t be polluted. “With photographs so rich in color any better than neutral tones to balance the material”, believes the designer.

Unlike other publications, which usually bring template and dates on the same page, the designer’s idea was that the photos were the highlight of the calendar. Therefore, opted to split in two pages; the top only with the photo of the model and your signature, and the bottom with the month, dates, and logos needed. “We were looking for a neutral composition, to talk to all the photographs, models and different places. So, I’ve come up with a clean layout with colors that they referred to the brand of Retro, green Universe water, cream and Navy Blue, “says Ariadne.
Each month, which has one of the 12 who live the retro models, representing the respective holidays in Brazil, was styled with a handwritten typography well 50 years, which brings us to this world of Pin-Ups. “It is interesting to note that, when this type of source is combined with other sans serif font, check the piece a retro modern style. The idea of banks around photographs also ensured balance and delicacy to the calendar, “the designer who ended up opting for square format (18 cm X 18 cm), with spiral and hole to secure the piece on the wall.

Ariadne reveals that, in the initial project the composition of the photos was expected to take up the entire page. However, at the time of the layout, some images in this provision would cut any part of the model or the spiral affected the image. So, to solve the problem, it had to reduce the images and around her enter the room. “Although it is not provided, the result was satisfactory and appreciated both the pictures as the calendar itself,” believes the designer responsible for diagramming the 26 pages of publication, printed on matte coated paper.

Mining, Ariadne Rodrigues lives and works in Belo Horizonte. So, I haven’t got to see the printed calendar. “I’m waiting anxious my copy arrives. I was very flattered to be a part of this project, it was the first time that I’ve come up with a calendar and I had a great experience with this type of play. I was very excited to see my work printed, even for photo, I think as I get my copy in hand give an outbreak (laughs) “jokes.

With artistic production of Marilia Skraba, beauty of Silvia Brito (assistance: Juliane Palesel, Jessica Monk and Amanda Lucci) and executive producer of Mirella Fonzar and Alberto Alves, the calendar featured the models Mona Liza (January), Aurora D Vine (Fefereiro), Madame Rose N Roll (March), FabiCherry (April), Cherry Rat (May), Sarah Amethyst (June), Mari Kato (July), Marilia Skraba (August), Gladis

Douglas (September) , Dracurella (October), Nanne Ahadi (November) and Bruna Gilda (December). The photos were taken in the Circus Hair, of Pamplona, in the Vintage Boutique thrift store and Bar, in Bethlehem, and in the CIA, 66 in Moema.