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Poster with Tansfer

One of my favorite decorative elements are certainly cartels. I guess that already you have noticed you lol. I love them for anywhere in the home, I don’t know what will have those tables with messages, but really that would put them everywhere.

Christmas DIY

For the challenge of December on the blog a bit of everything, the theme proposed by winner for the month of November, which was Anna,has been “Christmas DIY”. A DIY Christmas, as it could not be otherwise in these dates.

Simulate the Perfect Environment for Your Furniture

One of the best things that has internet is the multitude of options that you can find by the network, and to us fans all the vintage although we like the old, are well addicted to progress and everything that can offer us the online world. For example, a tool primarily useful and fun that • Read More »

The Leopold Square Flea Market

If you live in the wedding, then you can’t go past at the flea market in the Leopold Square. Every Saturday the square where the U 9 and the U 6 intersect, is populated by flea market stalls and is located in firm hand of the visitors. Even if the market size is manageable, one finds everything, what the heart desires and needs life there by antique • Read More »

Top 10 Best Lamps

To buy a new lamp, it is an opportunity to enhance its interior in record time. Lamp iconic, graphic or new lighting, they each have a singular virtue. Our top 10 lamps to order from Santa or to offer! Why? Because…

Chairs with Vintage Style

Do you remember your old chairs of the Association? Now they are the latest trend in decor vintage. School, style chairs vintage or retro, out of the classroom to decorate other completely different areas, such as bars, restaurants, shops and of course, our homes. Chairs of school, with its metal legs and wooden seat, adapt perfectly • Read More »

Vintage and Modern in Decoration

Built in 1920 and located in the Silver Lake Hills, in Los Angeles, the style of this House is the so-called Spanish Colonial. The client, a young couple of businessmen, wanted a House that was easy and practice, both to receive friends, how to deal with a daily basis involving children and dogs-but that was • Read More »

Vintage Style Wall Clock

The wall clocks are quite old, one of their most traditional models is the famous cuckoo, in which there is a bird that comes out of its interior announcing that another hour has passed. From there to here several models have appeared, there are the most classic ones, the musical ones, the ones in vintage style, • Read More »

The History of Halloween

Soon he is back at the door, the scariest of all holidays: Halloween. And even though it has not directly something to do: many vintage pendant of love Halloween, and last but not least the rock’ n’roller and Rockabellas come up with the most creative costumes for the occasion. But what is actually behind this day of • Read More »

Vintage Wedding Décor

Pink décor worthy of style and creativity! The decór, they chose curios of great taste, which gave a supercharme to ornamentation. See this vintage wedding, which was sealed with the celebration of friends and family. Charm! “The party was much better than I dreamed! We left the light ceremony and performed. We feel God there • Read More »

13 Restaurants on The Beach (Yes on The Shore, as The Old)

There are no terraces that we resist. We have spoken of some hidden by Spain, stylish terraces located in the most exclusive roofs and some accompanying the most beautiful infinity pools. Now give us a tour of different Beach terraces, Yes, on the shore, as before, perfect to enjoy fantastic meals, exclusive bathrooms and corners • Read More »

Vintage Recycled Kitchen

Enter the unique world of interior designer Xavier Devaux, skilled renovator of this ancient workshop. Subtle blend of tradition and modernity, this lovely detached house is situated in Saint-Ouen, a registered parcel of land divided into three. After making the joint acquisition in 2006, the Belgian interior architect Xavier Devaux has been working to fully rehabilitate the old • Read More »

9 Fantastic Hotels for Less Than 200 Dollars Per Night to Enjoy in New York

They say that it is the city that never sleeps, but we can imagine you if you will need it when you plan to visit it. For this reason, we have prepared a selection of good, beautiful hotels and for less than two hundred dollars overnight to make your stay completely unforgettable.

Selling Vintage on Etsy

We Jens and Julia, we live in Berlin and sell antique jewelry and vintage accessories for the home in our shop We Like Vintage on Etsy. Julia’s parents own an antique shop. She practically grew up at garage sales and flea markets in and since her childhood, she imagines stories about these finds. Having lived in the United States, • Read More »

How to Make a Pillow from a Shirt

Introduction Recycle a shirt that is no longer used can be a great idea to create new clothes or accessories at virtually no cost, using their sewing skills, relying on a person particularly expert therein, or to decide to learn how to use a sewing machine. From an old shirt you can get a new • Read More »

QLOCKTWO Wall Clocks

Many people are accustomed to having clocks in the different rooms that are part of their home. It is a way of knowing at any time the time of day. We can find a great variety of watches, from those who give in supermarkets when buying a product, to many more sophisticated and that help to • Read More »

Extra Warm Decorative LED Light

Similar to the “vintage” models under the “Filament” lamps MegaMan led should shine like ancient carbon filament light bulbs: not very bright, but with decorative, “extra hot” light. I have a nominally 3 watt LED strong Fadenlampe with the additional designation “Mellotone” closer look at.

Traditional Diving Flashlights

Those who have made at least one nocturnal you know: this is one of the most fascinating diving methods at our disposal. During the night dive is a characteristic fauna, composed of species that usually are only active at night. Moray eels and Octopus hunting, out of their burrows, stingrays, lobsters… The protagonists of a Nocturne can • Read More »

High Quality Bicycle Flashlight

Meet The Lantern Of The Q-Lite With Wireless Controls On The Handlebars, Arrows, Turn Signals And Even Brake Light. For those who travel in urban centers and use the bicycle as means of transport, in accordance with the rules and doing your part to make traffic safer for all, a solution to bike Lantern Q-LITE puts our • Read More »