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Selling Vintage on Etsy

We Jens and Julia, we live in Berlin and sell antique jewelry and vintage accessories for the home in our shop We Like Vintage on Etsy. Julia’s parents own an antique shop. She practically grew up at garage sales and flea markets in and since her childhood, she imagines stories about these finds. Having lived in the United States, • Read More »

Renkforce USB 3.0 Hub

USB hub 3.0 3 ports Renkforce with SD card reader and USB adapter type C Strong points 7 additional USB 3.0 ports With memory card reader for reading data from SD and micro SD cards Achieves transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps with USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) Status LEDs With USB adapter type C ™ • Read More »

Will.I.Am Presents Its Accessories I.Am + for IPhone, Promise to Improve The Camera

As you advance,, best known for his work in the group Black Eyed Peas, is delighted with his forays into the world of technology. Land where intends to move in the next few years, after having premiered +, a line of accessories that make the iPhone handsets, a supposedly more capable camera.

Projecteo, a Projector in Miniature to Show Your Photos of Instagram

The success of Instagram, as a social network, it has served so around this emerging initiatives of all kinds. From events to gadgets like digital photo frames. Now we have to talk about what happens when it collides with another fashion concept: crowdfunding. Projecteo is a picoproyector that emulates the slide projectors where more than • Read More »

Motorola HC1, a Professional Computer for Field Specialists

Motorola Solutions (not to be confused with Motorola Mobile) has presented these days the Motorola HC1, a computer for worn (wearable computer) similar to the Glass Project of Google goggles, but intended for professional users who require to take the computer I get and have hands free.

Collectors of Technology: When The Passion Remains Trapped in Time

“The deeper fascination of the collector is to enclose the individual object in a magic circle, while freezing this crosses you a last shiver (shiver being acquired). All the recalled, thought and known becomes socket, frame, pedestal, seal their possession”, he said about the collectors Walter Benjamin in his “book of passages”.

Fantastic Car. Technology or Fiction

It is touching and even disappointing to see how the special effects that fascinated us children today are common or even a little Vintage. Today in our series of legendary film and television technologies, we call on the inventions of James Bond come less from the Knight Rider series. And no, the first step is • Read More »

Requiem for The Video Games Store?

The announcement of Konami that from now on will be devoted to mobile games and that, if that, they will already do PES and Metal Gears (without Hideo Kojima!) for Western players is another example of how disenchanted with the traditional videogame industry is. Mobiles and online videogame devour more and more customers, alien to • Read More »

17 Key Games from E3 Showing The Great War between The Indies and The Triple to

Monday starts the E3. This year we moved to Los Angeles to bring you from there all the news about the great fair of the world of video games. Despite the pitfalls that make some developers, is inevitable to be excited because this year promises to be very varied and at the same time promising.

Historical Software Collection: Nostalgia Always Works

What times. That we can say it more so people like me, fortunately you enjoyed the 8 bits when I was a child (or not so young). The 80s were a golden age that was the seed of many of the achievements that we have today the opposite. Software of that era was the true • Read More »

PortobelloStreet Vintage Refrigerators

Isn’t it a fridge, isn’t it? Because the truth is that it is, and not of the old, despite his appearance is equipped with the latest technologies of cold and energy saving, that Yes, with no particular look. This fridge part of the new collection Vintage of PortobelloStreet which is easily accessible from its website, • Read More »

Our Site Vintage Finds: the Japanese Revolution

Fashion is more than just consumer goods, fashion is witness – and is needed especially in times of shopping spree – festivals more and more appreciation. It comes not to proceed, but to respect, AWE and respect in the latest garb over the asphalt. I know that not every single piece of clothing on the body dream • Read More »