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Vintage Mechanical Watches

This blog is intended to introduce you to a selection of watches vintage mechanical. If you want more information, if you have any suggestions or wishes, feel free to contact me by e-mail under the heading “Join”. Choose His First Vintage Watch I rule to start of this page, the idea of the pure collection, as • Read More »

Raffle & Shop Opening. 2 Outfits from “Buy Happy” (Including G & Pop Cph)

This time not long talk we pussyfooting around, but serve you right at the beginning of the most important news of the day: the rocket-strong team by buying you happy shopping paradise with secret weakness for Scandinavian designer parts (which remain affordable despite all Carlos), opened a new store – the third (and largest) in Berlin! And tomorrow – • Read More »

Vintage Definition Mode

You are fan of vintage fashion and ask yourself what does this word which comes from the English and which has become a word in our vocabulary, a phenomenon of fashion everywhere in the world. In french we say retro fashion but fashion vintage is the word most popular to determine the current mode. Origin of • Read More »

Field Jacket M65 Vintage

An outerwear that received quite a lot of space here at the Manolo is the so-called Field Jackets derived from a classic M65 jacket. This is a model that has been very popular for many years now and that is good both for a more casual attire, but also over such as suit to break the • Read More »

Modern Vintage Clothes

We are fascinated by things with a history does not affect at least the way we dress. Nothing completes a style in the same way that clothing with patina. The perfect facade is in many ways a warped ideals that lack enthusiasm. The upholstery needs a light.

Vintage Clothing Wanted to Buy

Vintage fashion is modern. Unfortunately today the label “vintage” hang all sorts of clothes that have nothing to do with vintage. If you’re a fan of this style, but want to own something authentic, which is actually more than 20 years, but looks wonderful today, your place is the site of Jill Linton Byronesque. Founded • Read More »

1950’s Vintage Shirts Male

Whether you’re a hipster or just want to look flashy, can shirts 1950 vintage can be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can find a lot of t-shirts original vintage shops online, but you can also get excellent reproductions; This is perfect if you are interested in something specific.

1960 Twiggy Mode

Location Twiggy 1960, mainly short, naked, and boldness. Twiggy, a successful model in the 60s, it was more of an expert magazine: It was a trendsetter, a bold dresser, and an icon in its own right. In fact, you can take the pieces that are in style after 60s outfits Twiggy and not even know it! Take a • Read More »

80s Retro Skor

Harkening back to the days when they were fresh and jelly shoes Nike sneakers Marty McFly was in vogue, 80s retro shoes bring back some really memorable fashion moments. As every year, of course, was a mixed bag-some trends most forgotten, others have embraced today.

How to Wear Vintage Boots

If you tend to relegate your boots last year shelved for fear they are no longer in fashion, here are some tips that will get you the “recycle” without committing a fashion faux pas.

Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

Vintage Style wedding dresses never go out of fashion. that is because the vintage style dresses – they are inspired by the 1920s, 30s, 40s or 50s glamor and sophistication – have stood the test of time. what makes these fashionable dresses back in their heyday makes it as fashionable today. it was their sense of sophistication and • Read More »

Silk Vintage Scarves

It is autumn and the days are getting cooler. While it is still too hot for the warm woolen scarf, but still need something around his neck. Helpful here are scarves, particularly in vintage look are very popular.   This trendy towels are available in every variation – from simple and basic look inspired to • Read More »

Vintage Bag Collection

The Munich-based label Aigner launches for Spring / Summer 2011, a unique vintage bags collection. Here, the designer team of Aigner was inspired to models from the company’s archives, the pocket models from the 70s play a major role. Already at the Milan Fashion Week last September celebrated the vintage bags collection of Aigner their • Read More »

The Vintage Umbrella

The autumn is coming and with it many rainy days. The summer of 2011 brought us many of these gloomy days. And without an umbrella nobody usually goes out the door. And this umbrella does not have to inevitably a simple, be black.The variations are large. A colorful umbrella, a dotted pocket umbrella or a • Read More »

50’s Style Bikini Pattern

The pin up style bikini have become in thissummer 2013 a real must have, with their bright colors, comfy shapes that enhance especially curvy silhouette, thecolorful prints and the bon ton. Let us tell the truth, some 50 ‘s style should always be present in the daily life of all true fashionistas, so why not start with the choice of bathing in line with this • Read More »

Vintage Shopping Bags

A truly exceptional case: the 1970’s vinyl Rattan Bag . In the seventies vinyl was a common material for furniture, clothing and accessories. The presented by me vintage bag is a box that consists of woven vinyl rattan. Refined was the 1970’s vinyl rattan bag with details in white leatherette. The interior of the bag • Read More »

Fashion Vintage Watches

A piece of fashion history – timeless Vintage Watches Selected accessories complete any look from tasteful. This is true for fashion-conscious women and stylish men of the world.While female outfits are typically upgraded with chains, earrings or bracelets, prefer masculine Fashion lovers shapely timepiece. The watches should thereby not only look good, because even functionality • Read More »

Small Vintage Clutch

A party evening with friends is on. Dancing and having fun is the motto. And what could be more annoying than an oversized bag. Remedy the long-standing Clutch.