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Holiday Balcony – or “When I’m Not Here…”

If felt that entire Instagram stream once again is on vacation, photographed with turquoise-blue sea, churning sipping exotic fruits and barefoot dances through the sand, the own mood can already times pretty fast climb down the scoreboard and the own mode too bad mood will expire. Since helps only own exhortation: enough babbling, stop it – • Read More »

Outfit of the Weekend – or: If Now Summer Would Be…

… would be set exactly, what I would wear. It so easily would be therefore, how ever not been, would teem just before convenience and calmness to score. If yes chahat this town would not be dipped for days (or weeks?) usseliges gray, the temperatures would not constantly fall under the limits of 10 degrees and the • Read More »

Insta-Diary. Our Week in Pictures

Is it the beginning of the ominous doldrums? Outside you will be prepared, inside the brain works only semi good. You have so no upper modern air conditioning or the newest fan of 3000 to the hand, the thing with the productive thinking and acting will be difficult. However we all must, and Yes, I am quite sure • Read More »

What We Want This Summer. The Nike Bra in Everyday Life

To be honest, the belly-free trend left cold so far actually totally me – more taken: at least on myself. No question: Those who can, who can, will certainly. But I? Belly-free thanks to Berlin? No, others were allowed to implement the date like. So far. Because if there’s one thing that convinced me for a long time, it’s the athletic • Read More »

The Thing with the Constant Excuses & the Magic of the Material.

Last week one of my dearest friends got in line outside the door, slightly panicky, kinda a crush and very, very helpless. You know that: mental performance in the face of a handsome bearded man roughly to the size of a fully pubescent Sparrow brain shrinks with mid-20s. Similar had happened before even a few days her. The • Read More »

Inspiration & Do It Yourself. Paint Your Jeans

It is still completely beyond me, how without denim in the wardrobe comes out pretty insisting on chinos, fabric and builds Stretchhosen and jeans deliberately (and so skillfully!) turns the back. Don’t like it? -Can I not just imagine me. Denim is finally not just denim, comes in such a wide variety of facets and is impossible to • Read More »

New York Diary. Snapshots of the Second Day

One here pretty quickly becomes clear: New York is a place of superlatives. The best Diner in the city joins the tallest building and the schniekste roof terrace on the view of man: better, higher, bigger, faster, great, ultimate and again – better. In no other city I have seen so far so many SUVs and as • Read More »


I see I am thinking of my student flat, except for a few things at home only IKEA. In my first four walls as well as diesel, H & M and co in my wardrobe included Pax, Uddens and KLIPPAN. The move to Berlin of course left traces: other location, other influences and especially: other possibilities. While joins • Read More »

Outfit by the Weekend. the Golden Autumn along with Golden Shoes

If you like we computer-kiddies, throughout the day plus one ordinary fraction of his spare time before the machine is sitting, then you would be glad twice as a child in if weather at the weekend makes us us no spanner in the and pretty vigorously cheer on to go out. Sun pur, sweater-weather and there’s • Read More »

Christmas Wishlist #4. Happy Maker by Scalamari Jane

Always, but sometimes especially, I want to take the MOM in the arm set Jane’s Nike and Sarah. We had the best year together and a still Galaktischeres lies ahead (rumor has it one). I’m a lucky kid with you, so much is clear – and this not only because I mean me here all alone before • Read More »

Advent Raffle. win a Limited Edition Disaronno Wears Versace Bottle

That the ladies and gentlemen in the House of DISARONNO have a pretty safe hands for collaboration partners, they demonstrated already in the last year: some of you are still on our small exhibition of Moschino vintage remember, for we moved next to Jessie Journelles and the Dandies with the second, to identify iconic pieces hand stores Berlin: was this romantic • Read More »

Christmas Wishlist #5. 11 Happy Maker by Annie Jane

I know there could be a little ridiculous therefore, to say that I feel somehow getting older and this slightly insane, if I in retrospect on the question “how old you are because?” answer with a fresh 26. But 26 is no more 16. The electricity bill is now deducted from own account, payment for hours brushing, • Read More »

In the Mood for. Sailor Pants

To be honest, I was never so boring as this season – the fashion week Street style swivel because quite a few exceptions you saw one there this year: the upcoming winter collections presented already a few minutes earlier on the catwalks of the major. One on one, the looks were taken over by Chiara and • Read More »

Coffee, Cake, and Cats – Interview with Cat Cafe Owner Lenny Popelier

Who knows us, or follow Kay and me on Instagram, know that we are cat people (we like dogs but too!): the Red cat Noboru Watya and the small MakeRel are our roommates. Not everyone who would like to have a hairy roommate has the opportunity to do: it is lack of space, lack of time, fear of binding, or • Read More »

In the Mood for. Even More Comfort

The pastel-colored times in my home four walls are slowly but sure in fact passé: colored walls, brightly colored cushions, or oriental rugs may like to further displace the Scandinavian minimalism. Can you say the value keep moving into my home again? One thing seems certain: from strict cool nothing will give me friends nothing • Read More »

Now in Stores. Jeanne Damas for Reformation

Blogger, it-girl and model is not only beautiful but also smart, especially Jeanne Damas but she is one calm, make elegant women, the naturalness of frippery that manage to remain despite global attention to himself, in any case, it seems. The Frenchwoman, who rarely leaves the House without red lips and carries in her spare • Read More »

INTERIOR. The Most Beautiful Poufs & Ottoman

Oh, home sweet home. While I now calmly on my new sofa wait here in my living room look around, of course right back tens of different things come to mind, that great are likely to match the deep blue dream. The speech is at this point by the way not by matching pillows, but • Read More »

Images of the Day. The Wood Denim Collection

If I’m honest, I probably have more jeans pants as pairs of socks. A whole drawer holds carefully lined up the cotton mass side by side in the handle, this ensures the perfect overview and contains so many models in this manner, you believe it or not. The pants are almost, if you know what • Read More »

Wayne Cares -the Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: with Africa’s next top model, the 62 campaigns face of American Apparel, Angel Haze & Ellie Goulding, a new #GIRLCRUSH, the most beautiful Pack of the year and a total of six Danish bloggers. READING TIP: Aamito Stacie Lagum – • Read More »

Boards & Clothes: “Bass Cadet Records / down by Retro” Store-In-Store + Online Shop

My heart belongs today only Etienne Dauta and Laura Le Marchand, two friends from France, whose new Heimat is Berlin. Etienne is the son of a record store owner and vinyl Candide, Laura is fashion girl with smart head and vintage stuff passion. Together, they are the duo behind BCR/DBR, a store-in-store, who indulges my two favorite cravings with heart • Read More »