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Easy Like Sunday Morning – 4 X Basics

Copenhagen has Freya Dalsjo, Paris Jacquemus and Milan boasts Massimo Giorgetti . What I mean here at all? Of the currently most newcomers of the fashion industry. Breath of fresh air is famously never bad, we know that properly shaking up the entire fashion bubble and mixes, all years again irony the necessary portion you. Just Italy young could in recent years hard assert • Read More »

Laura Carbone -“I Love to Be Woman.”

Cruuush – Laura Carbone is exactly this wonderful kind of singer I need this summer: A Rotzgore with feeling, a riot girl, along with melancholic songs in baggage that storm full power in the heart of our music. The lovely Laura has not only released their first EP as a solo artist in March – it has • Read More »

The Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: with Tilda Swinton as the newest campaign face of the MBFW, a campaign on the topic of organ donation, Chiara Ferragn is giant team & a photo story about her Milan office and the most beautiful images of the GUCCI cosmetics launch event. Tilda Swinton for • Read More »

12 Accessories for Summer Outfit Boredom

We know not all this? While we feel very great dressed us winter location looks and warm accessories, it’s just a bit or in the summer: aka the 3 S-Combi shirt + shorts + shoe = finished entirely sufficient, but also too often tastes like yawning boredom. So I started 3 attempts at the weekend, to proffer you my • Read More »

The Cream-Colored Leather Jacket by Sandro

Since a perceived eternity, looking after the perfect leather jacket: timeless, not to kastig, and in particular black – finally a classic should be, a model that is still over 20 years by my side and tells stories. Pandey, the perfect leather jacket was not in sight. Nike sent links crawled stores for me – and came • Read More »

Visit to the Newest Store in Hamburg + Dream Pieces

Oh, Yes. It is probably to a widely used girl’s dream, to be in possession of a Chanel bag run the intertwined cs to be able and to surround themselves with a touch of Coco. The wallet likes a spanner in the us here however, incessantly screaming “No, no, no” and appeals to our reason. But reasonable, what • Read More »

Do Things by Half – or: off-Shoulder & Mules for the Summer 2014

The thing with the trends beyond compare is a maze game. There are tens currents run in parallel, once beloved styles be replaced again after recently pop or long spurned No. go’s are once again terribly hip. The list could continue endlessly so – and would bring no light in the dark. Why which just coasts one • Read More »

The Most Beautiful V-Neck Tennis Sweater

Me to the start of each month I’m starting up a new tick me. Only Peter Pan collar bear! for example. Or: In the summer, you can see me in stripy Twinset! Boots are the new sneaker! And at some point it was even Sailing shoes, that had to be combined to unthinkable. Mostly it remains at mortgaged, once in a while I will but • Read More »

With Lika Mimika, Sandro & Elizabeth Arden

Last weekend I bought up something in an airplane for the first time over the Alps and it was terrible. Very quietly I wanted a me at the friendly stewardess this 8 hour creams by Elizabeth Arden order, because a day later I should be at the age of 26 , and Sarah Jane had chewed off two hours before ear me on • Read More »

#Where is rocco – the Search for the Goggles Model from the 60s

We know: the Cat Eye stands for the 50s and the spherical lenses to Lennon-style for the hippiesken 70s – but what happened glasses technically actually in between? In the 60s, the frame could be not thick enough, the triumph of Horn took its course and above all a certain German fire was involved at the time properly in the • Read More »

The Large Jw Review 2013. on the Road with the Janes

Even if we now hear, like old women. So it is: it’s just unbelievable how quickly moved us past this year. Only 20 days we count only until the turn of the year, 20 days, in which fortunately slower going to us than in the remaining 345. 2013 in retrospect seen was an incredibly exciting and • Read More »

The Great Jane Wayne Annual Review: My Favorite Outfits of 2013

A review in outfits is about as strange to look like diary entries from junior high. You ashamed less, even, even, but in the end, accepting that not to shake at takes and each as boring or horrible photo tells its own little story. The story of finding your own style for example of delimitation and affiliation, • Read More »

May We Introduce? the Yay Online Store for Vintage Pieces

There are vintage stores like sand on the sea, on Berlin’s streets anyway and online also. And still I visit it again and again same fine pearls, which select their collections with very great passion, keep small treasures for us and shake again and again new surprises from the sleeve. A newest contender might be YAY Shop: 2nd hand shop by • Read More »

Wayne Cares / / Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: With the Designer Sale in Berlin, the latest charity project by stop the water while using me, a virtual exhibition for YSL, anShopping Experiement and the saddest news of the week. #1 Berlin: Designer sale at the station Berlin What would a season change without Designer sale, • Read More »

Nike X Liberty London 2014. Patternporn & Intoxication in london

My visits to friends always expire: you seduce me at every turn with all the sins that you have to offer did and make me nuts in the head with your hectic love. You’re courteous, creative, conscious, and your accent is silly and adorable – London, I’m completely expire friends. You had again me last Tuesday for • Read More »

Cleaned up: Our Designer Pieces at Vestiaire Collective

My heart, when you wore the Blazer ever? I stand with my friend at the garment racks and firmly saying that I can separate any pieces impossible. Be honest now, you see here but hardly what? He replies. Yes, but is it also because that I have only a small bar for my clothes, count just four small shelves • Read More »

On May 11, Mother’s Day – Is 16 Gifts Tips!

On May 11 is mother’s day and as always I advocate actually just be the whole commercial trappings, invite MOM to breakfast and back off on a girls weekend in their own home with dial home. As always it comes over me then but but still at least one day before the flower shops be swept • Read More »

Jane of the day. Gia Coppola – Actress, Director & Photographer

Is she the granddaughter of Francis Ford and Eleanor Coppola, niece of Sofia and Roman Coppola and the cousin of Schwartzman siblings, as well as Nicolas Cage – curse or blessing? -That seems pretty no matter the young GIA and solves talent in the luggage is quite cleverly and with a fairly large portion of like said “the…”-image. Admitted to any talent donkey must be before by the • Read More »