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Free People in September & the Most Beautiful 70s Trends of the Season

The most beautiful in the autumn? The onion look. Suddenly, every outfit looks more exciting, sophisticated and not least gewitzter. Whether different materials, different lengths or equal to all other Silhouettes: The game clothing makes just more fun than the simple shirt shorts shoes combined in the autumn. Here is still a cloth around the • Read More »

The Short News of the Day

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: with a selection of the most beautiful places in Berlin, Nigel brand new H & M Studio line, a breast cancer initiative by Stella McCartney and Apple’s latest genius. To do this we must not say much, except: Hach. More • Read More »

In the Meantime with Marni Vintage, H & M Trend

No Sarah, I not up top that, fit here but nothing except pants and top together and then hat and black coat, that I show on cooking under no circumstances. Meckermeckermecker. When I namely mini short out there enjoying the spring weather yesterday in the late afternoon wanted, with coffee and LIO and Jane number two, as • Read More »

The Stine Goya ‘Edge’ Pants in the Test of Everyday Life

As a thank you for the years passed we received end of last year a gilt wrapped package of the Danish designer Stine Goya, and what was in it? A two-parter for Sarah and me the silk ‘edge pants’ up there. Because someone had remembered but exactly how I lately faced press days during the with hearts in the eyes of the • Read More »

Saturday, Flowers and Gucci Shoes

Sleeping sickness has grabbed me. Morning I’ll slay the alarm clock ringing, at noon I float with my face just about the soup bowl and threaten to sink my nose in it and evening hang my eyes at half past seven, before I can even put the Pajamas out of the closet. It must be on the • Read More »

Anna Hankings Evans -“with Lipstick Against Racism!”

When I am on my first day in the year 2015 woke up am I knew there will be a great year. Much better than 2014. All without gripes and full of facts. Simply make is there because at the top on the list. Just when Anna Hankings Evans. Anna is not appeared to me in my dream your day • Read More »

Too Many Hearts in Antwerp

Except the photo Love Story much not much happened here in the last few days and we are to blame for this. Thursday was our flight to Antwerp, in our brains this appointment had taken place only in the next few weeks. I personally think, Yes, we should get simply again on the hand-written calendar, because this • Read More »

Back to Drop Trousers and Hermes Vintage

I had already warned you: 2015 could be just as wild as stuffy – the latter has arrived now even earlier than expected. Followed by the glittering flip-flops on Monday today: a little velcro and nostalgia. And that happened: to be Christmas traveled in the home and child again as I (or at least teenagers, including middle-aged seizures in the bathroom, • Read More »

Citizens of Humanity -. by Bell-Bottoms, Skinnies & Boyfriend-Fit

Not so long ago, it was so: we celebrated a trend, eierten it all behind and only a little later pursuant our eyes to the next, waving flags. An industry however seems to be Unimpressed since a long time something: the denim Division. While perched without becoming tired still on a very high spot the Skinny Jeans, • Read More »

12 Wishes for the Autumn

Formerly ‘the great’ always have babbled, that at some point in the life of all priorities shift. “There, no longer spends his money for plates, but saves on a major holiday”, it was there for example. Because me personally anyway only very little time to travelling, I’m frankly still too much money for discs music. What I’ve noticed • Read More »

The Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: Among other things with the most beautiful bride of the week, the latest single from Adna and concentrated power of woman: WOMEN OF THE WEEK 25 women for the digital future These women move our society. With their ideas, their work and their commitment. The • Read More »

Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: With a very special Thanksgiving, a new men’s magazine, interview tips & latest collaborations: FASHION NEWS / /. Beyonce x Topshop No, no, we speak here not of a cooperation. Beyonce Knowles and top shopman Sir Philipp Green have yesterday the establishment of 50 • Read More »

The Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: with the beautiful Veronika Heilbrunner for Jimmy Choo, a further Alexander Wang x H & M preview & Karl Lagerfeld’s latest prank: UPDATE & Lookbook preview. Alexander Wang x HM The strategy is: bring all updates via Instagram and Twitter among the people! Almost • Read More »

Rewind Vintage -with Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton & Co.

We have often talked about classic; These little beasts that want to tear whole crater in our pile of savings and at the same time promise remain for eternity. We advertise it again and again: shop sustainable! And put us at unnecessary thereby and ephemeral pieces in the wake of always on the finger. It could be so easy: • Read More »

Happy Maker in July

Terms of Grandma like my brain sometimes it is, I ask myself again today, where because of July there is just. Made simply from the field he has become faster than I could ever finish typing this post. I should probably really start hence the small delay – as “iCal” to use something fancy. It would help in • Read More »

Our Pictures of the Week

Last week, so much was going on that my body just decided to insert a small strike in this Sweden, Hamburg, London and a trip to the home -. Bed addiction, latent discomfort and head chaos. Anyone who thinks the Jane’s live 24/7 in the land of beautiful weather, the fakes of course quite huge. Place #sec secret garden party and #midsummer it • Read More »

Visit in the Latest Vintage Store in Berlin: the Good Store

Make it easy, instead of just constantly in talk. Plans and take the legs in hand, instead of spending his time with musings. Get started and go with soul of the matter. In short, to realize his own dream. You know it by now: we are heavy in love in courageous makers who have no fear of failure, get • Read More »

Patterns & Color Noise with Marimekko & Reality Studio

I’m usually not a fan of shopping excesses, Fingersworm really, much rather I buy every now and then a few real treasures, even though that may seem slightly different and always to the outside. Weekends, it was by now a bit with me, because the belly was made again properly “PLoP” and nothing, really nothing at • Read More »

The Short News of the Week…

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances: with the most beautiful of all Céline bags, a Hangover flea market inklusvie BBG, new sounds of M.I.A. and lots of Chanel: BAGS LOVE. The great Schlotti of Metropolitan circus has fished up my personal dream bag and I wonder inwzsichen seriously, which is why it just • Read More »