Our Site Opened Together with Girl Flea Market the Pop up Store Berlin

The best thing about the change of seasons? The fresh wind in the wardrobe, the banish duration burners, who desperately need a break and run new treasures. Even though we still don’t really know it: actually, all signs point to spring – winter coat and co are thus slowly but surely disused and urgently need a little break. So away with them in the hotel’s own dress box – and out with soft skirts, shorts and light dress: by the change of seasons to the wardrobe change, so to speak – and the perfect time to muck out now and to separate themselves from contaminated sites. Six long months you had that time to be you if you still need the crumpled shirt, really still wearing the Chino or may still run the 80s denim jacket indeed 2015 + aware. Non? Then disconnects you: it can be quite liberating. Now at the thought of cumbersome ways you think and it before the photos take who, put online and write texts shades and is so close to being right back to move the nascent idea of separation, which may again pointed ears at this point, because our site has for exactly such lazy like you made a very special service and immediately brought himself a partner in the boat , the specific in this area may call:

In cooperation with girl flea market which waiting from June 11 to 16 very first our site fashion shop & sell pop up store in Berlin, which at the same time as test the concierge service in focus provides: in short: the online store is physically and you can walk through and before your purchase carefully inspect vintage pieces and selected 2nd looks. But now again everything after the line:

All your given creations are thoroughly examined on authenticity and condition – and following of the concierge team professionally described and photographed before they are offered for sale by girl flea market at our site online.

Here you can also register you since May 22, 2015 for the next three months and will also receive the bag then, to also sell your high quality clothing through the Kooppartner girl Flohmarkt on our site in Germany.

There are the most beautiful creations from the inventory of girl flea market and our site then you onsite in Berlin to buy – and here we mean: clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry.

Garments and accessories, which service do not meet the requirements of the Concierge or sold within a period of four months, can be returned for a small fee or donated to charity. All Kami? Then look around very carefully in your wardrobe and contaminated sites make money.