Bleach Henkel Rabbit Is Joining The Trend Vintage to Celebrate Its 125th Anniversary

The truth is we speak little in Decoesfera on products of cleaning, though, at home, all we use much. Today is spoken more than machines and robots that can do the cleaning part if themselves, but the reality is that as traditional products in the cleaning of the home such as bleach, are still very present in our homes. As well, it is that bleach rabbit, one of the most famous, celebrates 125 years in Spain, which means that we have been using it since 1889… There is nothing! And for the occasion in Henkel Romantics have been and they have made a replica of the first bottle at the end of the 19th century plan vintage.

The truth is that my made me illusion see it, because both my mother and my grandmother, wore the bleach Henkel to disinfect, for bleaching the clothes, scrub… and then that in my closet of cleaning can never missing one or several bottles of bleach. The Edition vintage bottle of bleach rabbit It is a little shocking because more resembles what today would be a liquor bottle of bleach, but of course, we are talking about in 125 years ago, there were many plastics color at that then that will tell.

What is clear is that this lye has been passed from generation to generation, and that if it has survived for more than one century will be for something. I guess that you already know it but Henkel belong three of the most important brands of Lye: rabbit, goods and Star, most of us have tested them all and know they work really well and, above, for the effective that are topics of cleaning, are not very expensive. So something that has been helping us with the household cleaning for over a hundred years, is well deserved this beautiful tribute, both bottle vintage Edition, the bag also drawn through its web.