Between Fringes, Peplum and Smiles to The Famous London Fashion Is Going

The famous bid farewell to yesterday’s London fashion week with new appearances after the of these days. Joint Party that’s always good an arm around the waist in order to hold his composure. Kate Moss He chose the fashion western with a few fringe which I hope no one copy.

Best Jerry Hall smiling, with a leather lollipop rejuvenating it even more and a length of tube with a touch of the corset. All this combined with a few ballerinas.

The vintage taste is synonymous of Dita Von Teese who often leave us dressed and details not so common. Despite everything, I detail the neckline with bra showing the lace as part of dress does not transmit me stylish.

Kelly Osbourne still wearing his Sun glasses original this time with a peplum at Green fluor and a pencil skirt that in this case it was very far from the office thanks to a modern combination.

Dannii Minogue He pointed to the blue klein with this dress long sleeve and fist returned to the knee in which did not lack good detail of the pendant maxi waist.

Finally, Lana del Rey Let us shirt knotted at the waist, trend that banished luckily believed for years. There is no who expect nothing concrete since singer who always comes out with a different foot.