Ana Locking, Juana Martin, and Maya Hansen Closed The First Day of The Fashion Week Madrid

Ana Locking

And we continue with the last day parades. Ana Locking, Juana Martín y Maya Hansen they have also shown us their proposals for the next Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014. The last two have been responsible for closing the first day of parades.

Ana Locking

Ana Locking It is one of the usual Cibeles (I like to call this edition of fashion as well). In his collection, we have seen very structured coats and jackets, wearable clothing to wear in the day outfits carved into rigid fabrics and bulky and superimposed layers.

For the night are tight-fitting, feminine silhouettes based on skirts pencil and sober long dresses marked by special attention to detail offering a pleasant sensation of serenity and security.

The most prominent colors are the Red, Orange, blue and black.

Juana Martín

Under the name of tradition, the Cordoba disnadora has shown us a traditional collection as its name suggests, although away from their classic flyers and Andalusian details. And all in three colors: Black, grey and Red, with a touch in beige.

These items are the essence that is behind the items that make up the collection. That essence takes form from our customs more rooted and craftsmen such as tailoring and embroidery by hand. This “know-how” we want to keep it without losing those technical and traditional values that accompany the creation of each garment and as a result we can evolve in search of a current, modern style.

For the day to day highlights the oversize items, comfortable and easy to combine, carved in wool, cotton and lace. and the costumes of male air.

Night silk is the protagonist and dressed very feminine and sophisticated designs.

Maya Hansen

Argentine father and Danish mother, Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen It is Madrid, although this name as exotic does not appear so. The creator specializes in corsets not has let us down with its new proposals for the next winter. Most striking, impossible!!

And we have seen his specialty in several versions: corsets of military inspiration or corses-dresses. Hyper-sexy parts and adjusted to the silhouette. Also highlight the dresses elastic satin printed with long sleeves and knee-length or to the feet, the tight shirts combined with drainpipe trousers. I can not forget corsets jackets and coats that emphasize the volume on the shoulders and they fit in the waist.

Very Baroque pieces, carved in velvet or satin and Swarovski details. Figures of religious themes, the nature and the animals we can forget me.

The add-in are the spoils Edelweiss, created in collaboration with Ursula Mascaro, and hits of animal-inspired Vintage Waves.