Advent Raffle. win a Limited Edition Disaronno Wears Versace Bottle

That the ladies and gentlemen in the House of DISARONNO have a pretty safe hands for collaboration partners, they demonstrated already in the last year: some of you are still on our small exhibition of Moschino vintage remember, for we moved next to Jessie Journelles and the Dandies with the second, to identify iconic pieces hand stores Berlin: was this romantic liaison – #MoschinolovesDisaronno and maneuvered the Italian brand summarily back on our screen. The Italian liqueur naturally remained its roots this year and since then flirts with one of the best-known tradition labels of the country: with Versace. DISARONNO wears Versace is the year’s dream couple and combines Donatella predilection for pageantry and kitsch with a sweet liqueur taste without further ADO.

Why we now tell you everything? Because we three pleasure drinker * see you at this point like to with a strictly limited #Disaronnowears Versace execution would make happy: and how can you get the Versace wearing DISARONNO in the velvety, clear blue cardboard win?

  1. you are faithful friends of Jane’s onFacebook, if possible,.
  2. tell us here in the comment feature (not in Facebook, please!) why you one of three limited editionDISARONNO wears Versacebottles would win.
  3. and keep your fingers crossed you up to Thursday, the 18.12.2014 16: 00 firmly.Then the lucky winner via random number generator selects < 3

GOOD luck < 3

* Responsible enjoyment drinkers aged 18 and over, sees itself.

We have a few more pictures from the official launch event in Munich of course for you in baggage: