Style – Vintage Learn Really What It Is!

First… the word vintage comes from the English means something classic, antique. Anything is vintage when there’s a strong return to the past, that is, as if to imitate an earlier style that can be fashionable, decoration.. But anyway, we are talking about a mode of dress that retrieves the styles of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and • Read More »

Cars in the 80’s, Remember Them?

Then we will talk a little more about many of the cars in the 80’s, and with this we will not go in the criteria of a technical, several have been created in a genuine way from the 80’s decade, and others that are of previous decades, but that help write the history of the • Read More »

Poster with Tansfer

One of my favorite decorative elements are certainly cartels. I guess that already you have noticed you lol. I love them for anywhere in the home, I don’t know what will have those tables with messages, but really that would put them everywhere.

Rockabilly Label Stories – Fernwood Records

For a short time in the 50s was Memphis , one of the most exciting places for young rock fans. The commercial successes that celebrated the Sun Studio with artists such as Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley, inspired many an others to imitate it to Sam Phillips, and to start a label. Among them was slim Wallace, • Read More »

James Dean Movie

The Skepis was great last year in the face of the announcement of a cinema film about James Dean. That twilight superstar and Teenieschwarm Robert Pattinson would play with it, the thing for many did not necessarily better – despite the reassuring fact that plays not James Dean. Because fine new life to bring to a myth • Read More »

Wigs & Hairpieces – Material, Color, Sales Advisor

Wigs and hair pieces are great, a different hair color, or to quickly create for a party or a special event a glamorous, witty or otherwise unusual hairstyle to try out hair length or hairstyle. I summarize here quite a lot of information that can help you better with the wrong hair to cope and maybe • Read More »

Pin Up Queens Part 7: Lana Turner – The "Sweater Girl"

Mildred Frances Turner in Wallace, Idaho, was born on 8 February, 1921 as Julia Jean and Lana Turner died in Los Angeles on June 29, 1995. She was a famous U.S. film actress and a saucy pin up girl of the rockin’ 50s. Today we want to imagine a closer the beautiful lady. Lana Turner Beginning Of • Read More »

Christmas DIY

For the challenge of December on the blog a bit of everything, the theme proposed by winner for the month of November, which was Anna,has been “Christmas DIY”. A DIY Christmas, as it could not be otherwise in these dates.

Gangster Stories – Prohibition And Al Capone Part 1

Today, he is a style icon, the American Gangster of the 20s and 30s years. With a long trench coat hat deep into his forehead, pulled, and the cigarette casual so that after the first world war press and public of the United States in turmoil presents us Hollywood the outlaws and mobsters, brought in the • Read More »

Simulate the Perfect Environment for Your Furniture

One of the best things that has internet is the multitude of options that you can find by the network, and to us fans all the vintage although we like the old, are well addicted to progress and everything that can offer us the online world. For example, a tool primarily useful and fun that • Read More »

Anni ‘ 80: Fashion Trends

High-waisted jeans, blouses with Ruffles, booties with stiletto heels: the years’ 80 returned and with them a tendency toward aggressive elegance and forms well highlighted. If the age of yuppies is forever gone, ostentation of wealth and opulence has become a distant echo: typical 80’s excesses are hard to return (Luckily, one might add) but something came up to the present day.

The Leopold Square Flea Market

If you live in the wedding, then you can’t go past at the flea market in the Leopold Square. Every Saturday the square where the U 9 and the U 6 intersect, is populated by flea market stalls and is located in firm hand of the visitors. Even if the market size is manageable, one finds everything, what the heart desires and needs life there by antique • Read More »

Ralph Lauren Home Collection for Autumn-Winter 2009 / 2010

The Ralph Lauren home bedding collections I love them. All without discussion. But also in the pack. As seen in the photos, I want these beds full of colour and cushions, bedspreads, quilts. Don’t tell me that not with perfect. Within its range of bedding, start with Indian Cove Lodge, where the most classic pictures have been invaded • Read More »

Marchesa Tea Dressed in Cocktail and Evening

Although the design of your web page does not convey the glamour of its vaporous cocktail and evening dresses, Marchesa is an international fashion firm that has gone through the red carpet many of her dresses.

Welcome to the Luxurious Nammu Brand: Fall-Winter Season 2016/2017

We always try to inform you about all the latest trends and ideas, so that each one of our posts illustrates a certain idea and a clear message, all this generates a new and unique work of art.And who creates the jewelry?Certainly, the designers, that is why in the pages of our blog you can • Read More »

Ural Gear-Up of Limited Edition Sahara

I present a Moto film thanks to Moto 22 coworkers. Of course, in Limited Edition and where you have to move very thin wires that get one of the 18 that will arrive in Spain.

Jeans Collection Spring-Summer 2009 Burberry for Men

A few days ago I presented the collection of jeans Burberry for women, for this spring/summer. Well. I have not forgotten from the collection for men, in fact, I love her I present today.